Quattro Proffessional Recruitment

Permanent / Executive Placement

At Quattro Professional Recruitment we service and supply various Professional Companies with Quality  candidates. If you are seeking a new staff member and would like our assistance a Professional Recruiter from Quattro Professional Recruitment will visit your premises to establish the exact person you desire.

Once we have agreed on the style of employee, level of qualifications and salary expectations, Quattro Professional Recruitment will conduct a thorough search of our extensive database.

We advertise your position on various Internet sites and print media to seek suitable candidates (free of charge).

Quattro will do all the interviewing and screaning of the suitable candidates using expert interview techniques, to isolate the best people.

After we reference check the suitable candidates Quattro Professional Recruitment will provide you with a maximum of three candidates, from which to select the prime candidate.

A Professional Recruitment Consultant will negotiate salary and position conditions on your behalf.

Quattro Professional Recruitment provides a guarantee from the date of commencement and the best part is that you dont pay anything until you have secured your new employee.

We take away all the stress of hiring a new employee and ensure you are satisfied with the your new staff member.

Call Today for a full copy of our Terms and Conditions of Business and Schedule of Fees.